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Our Insurance Management System is designed to meets your Insurance Company’s unique needs and challenges without any expensive system setup and time­consuming training.Increase your Company’s efficiency and productivity while decreasing your risk with Idaksh Insurance Management System. Our Insurance Management System will Keep track of the every record of the Insurance Policy.

Easy To Use Interface

Search for customers by first name, last name, phone number, company insured with, address,etc. Each client data file contains information such as; Name, Address, Line of coverage, Company, Policy Number, Coverage limits, Description of property insured, Phone numbers, Email address, Effective and expiration dates, Policy status.

Insurance Management Easy, Efficient and Affordable:

Insurance Management System is an effective and smart insurance agency software system, designed for independent insurance agencies. Insurance Management System provides powerful features and easy solutions at an extremely affordable price.

Support For Different Policy Types:

Different Policy Types will allows the Insurance Company’s to Choose between different Insurance Policy based on the clients requirement.

Numerous in­depth Graphs and Reports:

With the help of thorough business graphs and reports, Insurance Management System lets you monitor your production, your income, and your staff’s performance with incredible ease. Insurance Management System’s numerous in­depth reports and graphs will give you the information you need to capitalize on favorable trends and mitigate negative trends.

Stay Organized and provide Quick Service:

No more wasting time hunting down paper files to get the information. Service your client while saving time and aggravation for both you and your insured. And by servicing your customers quickly and efficiently will give your agency the professional image you work so hard to portray.

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