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Insurance Management system

The purpose of this document is to present requirement information about Insurance Management System. This application designed to store information of motor proposal.

It is useful for the insurance organization to manage their all insurance proposal easily and effectively. Advantage of this app here admin can able to create proposal of different insurance companies. And he can able to generate certificate related to insurance company for insurance proposal. Admin can able to search any insurance proposal by policy number. He can create cash slip of insurance proposal.

The insurance managements system has the following modules

Insurance Proposal Module

 Using this module admin can create motor proposal by providing, policy number insured name, his vehicle information, insurance company details and benefits to insured person.

Manage Proposal Module

This module allows admin can easily manage all created proposals. Using this module admin can able to search proposal by [policy number, vehicle no, chassis no etc]. He can edit, print proposal and generate certificates related to proposals.

Generate Certificate Module

Using this module admin can able to generate certificates of insurance companies to insured persons. He can upload certificates of insurance companies.

Cash Slip

This module allows admin to generate and print cash slip related to insurance proposals.

Setup Commission Rates

Each insurance company having their commission structure related to motor insurance. Using this module admin to able to configure commission related to insurance company. This will be effective while creating motor proposal.


Here admin can able to create users or staffs to manage his applications. Admin can assign to certain roles and permissions to his staffs. All actions are protected by authorization system.

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